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It’ll be a high profile battle this fall…and one congressional candidate blames another for adding to the federal debt…while he accuses her of ducking tough questions. The fourth congressional district in northern and western Iowa pits republican congressman Steve King against former democratic first lady Christie Vilsack.

Vilsack offered ideas on how to fix the country’s debt problems…but refused to address some other issues. This is a sign of the back and forth sure to come from these two. Vilsack offered a plan to let Medicare negotiate prices with drug companies and give authority to her husband’s agency, the USDA, to find waste and fraud in food programs.  She claims her plan could save $265 billion dollars over a decade. But there are questions about what else she supports.

“Debt is a four letter word. I was brought up to think, if you have it, you can spend it. If you don’t have it, you can’t spend it.” Democratic congressional candidate Christie Vilsack told a small group at the Ames library about her family upbringing.

“My opponent likes to talk about the budget deficit. He talks and talks and talks, but he basically contributed to the fiscal mess we find ourselves in.” said Vilsack.

Vilsack blames King in three ways for adding to that debt. Tax cuts for the rich, getting involved in two wars without paying for them, and expanding the prescription drug program.

Vilsack blamed King’s support of tax cuts for the rich for raising the debt, too…does she support increasing those taxes now?

“Well I think everyone needs to pay their fair share. We need to take a look at it. We need to make sure the middle class doesn’t have to bear the burden of it.” Vilsack said.

Congressman King’s campaign manager said this… “If Christie Vilsack continues to duck away from any or all of these important, legitimate points, then she has again failed to answer the voters of this district, and these events are nothing more than window dressing to hide her position on these important issues.”

Vilsack’s campaign counters she’s released 8 policy proposals…something few candidates have done in the country.