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It’s known as one of Iowa’s most gruesome unsolved murder cases.

Thursday night, the Villisca murders were revisited in Marshalltown.

A family brutally murdered with an axe in Villisca Iowa, the killer was never found.

It happened 100 years ago, but the interest hasn’t faded.

Casey Stringer says, “I think it’s odd they never found who did it and the logistics behind it are interesting.”

Dr. Epperly adds, “I heard about it as a child and grew up 100 miles from where it was.”

Dr. Eppery is more than just interested in this mystery.  He has dedicated his life to it.

Thursday night, dozens of people not only get to watch the documentary his research contributed to, they get to pick Dr. Epperly’s brain.

Deric Bracy says, “I think it’s an honor. He’s someone who knows what he’s talking about and it’s cool to meet him in person.”

“I kind of draw an analogy to stamp collecting,” says Epperly.  “You work diligently for a month then it gets folded up and put in the back of, in my case, life, I suppose”

He adds, “They’ll ask who do you think did it, and that’s a very hard question for me.”

And it’s one he doesn’t know for sure will ever be answered

But what he has accomplished over all this time, he’s says might be worth even more.

He says, “I think the story, the real story, will be saved now.”

The owners of the theater say they had to turn away over 100 people.  The show has been sold out since Monday.  Thursday was the only night it was showing.