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A mentally troubled woman, tased by a Chariton police officer even after she was hogtied in the back of his police cruiser, is speaking out. 

It’s a video the Chariton Police Department does not want you to see.  It shows Sergeant Tyler Ruble tasing 34-year old Amy Storm after Storm was stopped two years ago because Ruble was investigating whether she was the victim of domestic abuse. 

The video shows officers cuffing her hands and feet, and hog-tying her…then tasing her while she was in the back seat of the police cruiser. 

After our story aired, Storm contacted us. She says she never filed a complaint because she didn’t realize there was a video.  Watching it now brings back a flood of emotions.  “I can’t believe there’s a video.” Storm says fighting back tears, “I can’t believe that’s me. I started crying. I just…I knew it was bad when it was happening.  I just didn’t realize it was that bad.  I didn’t…I didn’t realize how bad it was.”

The Chariton police refused our request for a copy of the video, even though it should be a public record, citing medical privacy laws. We were able to get a copy through someone with connections to the department.  The department did release a statement saying:

“The use of the taser as a non-lethal weapon was necessary to prevent injury to the officers, the subject and the public including children present at the scene.”

This is the release that was sent to us following the story: Lucas County Release.