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WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — A video of a West Des Moines police officer is going viral, and it’s sure to make you smile.

With all of the negative police videos that have gone viral in the past few years, it’s good to see this. It’s video of West Des Moines K-9 Officer Aaron Swenson, who stopped Wednesday to talk and play with some daycare kids who had just waved to him.

Mario Sciorrotta is the one who videotaped the officer.

“They were all saying ‘Look look policeman policeman.’ So I said, ‘Everybody wave to him’, trying to get his attention. He was obviously watching the road and didn’t catch us until he had passed,” Sciorrotta said.

So Officer Swenson spun around.

“He was getting ready to surprise the kids and he turned the corner, parked his vehicle and was able to bring the K9 out and allow the kids to interact and ask questions and have a really good time.”

Mario Sciorrotta videotaped the interaction on his phone. He posted it to social media, and it went viral, getting 240,000 views in just one day.

“I’ve never seen such a huge gathering of people come together for once. All races, all ages. Very supportive and positive about the video they seen,” Sciorrotta said. “They were glad that they had seen something positive and a lot of people were just sick of the negativity that’s going on.”

West Des Moines Police were surprised by how many people had seen it. However, West Des Moines Police say they are not surprised by how officer Swenson conducted himself.

“No. He does this on a daily basis, as well as other officers in our department. And it’s something that we focus on and we try to instill in our officers,” Sgt. Brent Kock said.

Sciorrotta said that kind of community policing works. And, he says, because of it, the West Des Moines Police Department has a new generation of young fans.

“We need a positive figure for these kids to look up to. If they don’t have that police officer to look up to or go to for safety than who honestly do they have?” Sciorrotta said.