Vice President Pence Visits Forest City to Praise Winnebago Employees for Work During Pandemic


Forest City, Iowa — Vice President Mike Pence returned to Iowa on Tuesday to offer his thanks and praise to Winnebago Industries and its employees during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In late March the company shut down production on its recreational vehicles as the pandemic took hold in the US. The company instead switched its focus to creating 6,000 masks for Iowa hospitals and thousands of face shields for hospital employees and first responders across the state.

In early May the company slowly began reopening its RV production line, slowly and safely. Their return to production has been met with a surge in RV sales. “Americans are hitting the roads in American-made RVs,” Pence told the small crowd of Winnebago employees.

Pence laid out the administration’s case for a successful response to the COVID-19 pandemic, despite the deaths of more than 116,000 Americans. Pence told the crowd that President Trump’s decision to ban travel from China bought America enough time to respond to the coronavirus. Despite that travel ban, the US still has more than twice as many deaths from COVID-19 than any other nation. Pence’s speech comes one day after he reportedly told US governors to share misleading information to calm COVID-19 fears.


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