Vice President Mike Pence Visits Iowa, Will Lobby Congress For Flood Aid

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PACIFIC JUNCTION, Iowa — Vice President Mike Pence toured the flooded region around Council Bluffs and Mills County by helicopter Friday. He also visited a farm which had seen its worst flooding ever.

Pence visited Dennis Lincoln’s Ridgeview Farm southwest of Pacific Junction. Roads leading to the farm were basically closed, but they were cleaned up enough to allow the vice president access.

Pence said the damages from this flood are in excess of $1.6 billion. He said funds to help Midwest flood victims were added to a disaster assistance bill considered on April 1.

“Unfortunately, it was blocked by Democrats in the United States Senate. Hopefully today by coming here today and telling the story again, of not what happened in Iowa, what is still happening in Iowa, we’ll see people set politics aside and come together and give Iowa, Nebraska, the Midwest and all the states across this country the disaster assistance that you deserve.”

“You see the disaster and you can’t help but feel for the people that have been hurt,” said Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley. “The federal government for decades even before I went to Congress has been an insurer of last resort.”

Lincoln, the farm’s owner, said Pence was personable and interested in their situation.

“We talked about the flood of 1952, which was the worst flood we’d ever had before. This was a lot worse than that,” said Lincoln. “He said he would go back to Washington to try to do something to help us.”


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