Vice President Doesn’t Tour Derecho Damage But Pledges to Help Iowans Recover


DES MOINES, Iowa — Vice President Mike Pence began a series of campaign events in Iowa Wednesday with an event at the Iowa State Fairgrounds where he praised the Trump administration’s efforts, warned of the danger of electing the Democratic opponents and pledged to help the state recover from the derecho storm.

Pence didn’t tour the aftermath of the storm, which caused damage in approximately a third of the state’s counties on Monday, according to the National Weather Service. He said that–before taking the stage at his campaign event–he met privately with a group of farmers who suffered damage from the storm.

Pence later told supporters gathered before him that he gave the farmers assurances that the administration would aid recovery. “Let me say that on behalf of the president and our administration, I want Iowans to know that we are with you,” Pence said, “We are going to stay with you and we will work with your governor and your senator to make sure that we bring Iowa all the way back…bigger and stronger than ever before. I promise.”

Pence spent most of his speech telling Iowans of what he considered the accomplishments of the administration over the past year: tax and regulation cuts and new trade deals like the USMCA.

He used words like “radical” and “socialist” to describe policies of the Democratic opponents, former Vice President Joe Biden and U.S. Senator Kamala Harris of California. “Economic recovery is on the ballot,” Pence said, “I think there are other things more important. I think the choice is whether America remains America.”

Pence also headlined a fundraiser Wednesday night for the Republican Party of Iowa. Media were not allowed inside the event.

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