LAKE CITY, Iowa – A building which was built to honor veterans here will continue its mission into a second century with a new look. The Lake City Community Memorial Building recently given a makeover, and a renewed purpose.

“In 1920 that the group that started this building, the idea for this building was the Lake City Civic Improvement which was 100% ladies,” said Tami Green, who led the effort to renew this old building.

“The purpose was to create a place for the veterans coming back from World War I take place to gather, to blow off steam, to share stories, it was built in honor of those veterans,” said Paul Iverson, who used his woodworking skills to give the center a whole new look. “We rebuilt the building essentially based on the freedom they allowed us to have due to their sacrifice, we restored the building and take away beyond where it was originally.

The project cost around 1 million dollars, with the City of Lake City providing around $600,000 in local option sales tax funds. Another $300,000 was raised from the community over a period of a few months. The center will honor veterans in a second floor area, which is yet to be remodeled. Veterans’ stories will be told using an interactive computer display.

The remodel project on the second flood is expected to last another three years