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ADEL, Iowa — While many Iowans were heading out to Memorial Day services, or to parks or the beach, some veterans chose to walk.

A group of veterans gathered to walk over 5 miles with back packs, on a Marine- style march all the way the the Iowa Veterans Cemetery near Van Meter.

 “Sitting around six years ago and dreaded Memorial Day every day my life,” said Kenneth Dickerson. “Ultimately, decided I need to get off my butt and do something.”

That year he had this last minute idea, and ran it by some of his veteran friends. 

 “Myself and my brother and a couple of other Marines, joined me on a random Saturday  last minutes and we started this its just grew every year.”

The group they had this year was the largest so far.  The group stopped for a photo at the entrance to the Iowa Veterans Cemetery.

At that location  they also remembered the families, and lives of some soldiers who were killed in battle, and didn’t make it home to their families.

“As I mentioned the Davis family, Josh was killed in action in 2007 in and although it’s a sad situation to Josh is not with us it’s important as I mentioned that way we live on we celebrated that he’s done what he’s done for our country,” said Dickerson.

Those on this march are happy to remember those who died.

“My message is  exactly that, keep flipping those burgers enjoy the day it’s a beautiful gorgeous day it out there“ said Fabio Rivas,  Des Moines  Marine Veteran. “Remember these guys, remember the sacrifice by getting out there enjoying the day, enjoy spending time with your family, living the best day possibly can. 

In a Facebook post organizer Dickerson summed up the purpose of the march.

“I want to be clear, Memorial Day isn’t about those of us who walk, wrote Dickerson. “It’s those who can’t walk with us, think about the families that are missing a loved one at home this weekend.”