Veteran Leading Drive to Bring Smiles To Seniors and Vets

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PLEASANTVILLE, Iowa — When Bobbi Rico located to Pleasantville, after living in Texas, she found the community to be welcoming to her. The Air Force Veteran became a member of the local American Legion Post 108. She also found her dogs were a hit, when visiting the local nursing home. Her goal, is to see smiles, in a place where often there is not much to smile about.

“To me a smile is a purest thing that you can do, it comes from the heart,” said Rico. “I started four years ago my dogs in the going to the Pleasantville nursing home and it created smiles.”

While visiting the residents, she noticed needs some residents have.

“I got to thinking they weren’t getting a lot of gifts or visitors what I could do and we did a donation box,” said Rico.

She later made it two boxes, one for the nursing home, another for veterans, which she takes items to the VA in Des Moines.

“I wanted to find a way to pay things forward it’s just the way I was raised,” said Rico. “I found a need in the community, they just needed something extra and I wanted to give back and this is my way of giving back.”

The items will be dropped to nursing home residents, and to the VA right before Christmas. This year for the veterans men & women, they are seeking sweatshirts and sweatpants sized medium to 3XL for men, and size small to 3XL for women. Plus deodorant, shampoo, soaps, lip gloss, feminine products. Also 10-15 she hopes to make 10-15 personal care packages for women veterans.

For nursing home residents, TV blankets, or lap blankets to some 65 residents, are sought for gifts at the local nursing home.

The boxes are located at People’s Bank in Pleasantville.

Rico said she hopes people will be inspired to donate, not just in her community, but wherever they live, give to people in your local area.


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