Patriot Guard Riders Mission: Honor Veterans

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VAN METER, Iowa — Often you hear them before you see them. Iowa’s Patriot Guard Riders are there to honor veterans in all kinds of circumstances.

Recently, a veteran was being interred at the Iowa Veterans Cemetery but had no family to come to the service. The riders along with a couple of hundred people came to the solemn occasion.

“We do escorts for funerals stand in honor of veterans like this today also law-enforcement firefighters,” said Tom Geesaman, of Altoona, leader of the Patriot Guard Ride this day. “We do escorts from the funeral homes to the cemeteries we do escorts for KIA ( Killed in Action) from airports to the funeral home, whatever we can do to honor these men and women.”

The Patriot Guard Riders are there for veterans in all parts of Iowa, in all kinds of weather, even a blustery day near Van Meter.

“This is heartwarming very heartwarming for a man like this with no family to see these people show up to honor him it’s emotional,” said Geesaman.

These Patriot Guard Riders have no regular meetings, no clubhouse, and no dues. When they meet they are honoring Vets.

“Been to many many many funerals, because that’s the only way to pay back, I am not a veteran,” said Geesaman.

The group is available to serve wherever they are asked.

“The funeral homes can get a hold of us or they can go on the website pay to request a service,” said Geesaman. “A lot of our neighbors know who we are and they get a hold of one of us will run it up the chain of command.”

Anyone wanting more information can check the Patriot Guard Website.


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