Paralyzed Veterans of America Marks 75 Years of Service

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UNION, Iowa — Kenny Lloyd served in Korea in the 1970’s. After he returned home, he was involved in an accident when a porch railing gave way. He fell to the ground breaking his back. As he was recovering the VA sent him to the National Wheel Chair Games, in San Diego.

“Before I went I thought there were only two types of wheel chairs, said Lloyd. “That really opened my eyes to see some 500 athletes in wheel chairs.”

After that Kenny decided he needed to get back and help other veterans learn about what is available to help them. He got involved with the Paralyzed Veterans of America’s Iowa Chapter. He was asked to be the Sports Director for the chapter. He went to national meetings where he learned how to run a fishing tournament, and hunting tournaments. Now the Iowa Chapter holds hunting tournaments nearby his home in Hardin County.

This year marks 75 years of service for the Paralyzed Veterans of America.

“There was World War II veterans there in Chicago Illinois they decided they wanted to change the way things were being done for healthcare,” said Lloyd. “And actually just have fun instead of just being cooped up in their homes after they got injured.”

PVA has identified many veterans who would qualify for membership in their organization, who do not belong.

“You have to be a spinal cord injured, or spinal cord disease, to be in the organization,” said Lloyd. “It’s free to them and the benefit would be getting you get a national magazine once a month, you get a newsletter from our chapter every other month, and plus all the other things that we do for the chapter as far as sporting events.”

For more information about the Iowa Chapter of Paralyzed Veterans of America click here. 


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