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INDEPENDENCE, Iowa — When the American Legion Post 0030 in Independence, Iowa wanted to plan a fund raiser, they talked about some of their options. They wanted to come up with something which would get people’s attention.

We’re conducting this fundraiser because this post has not been participating in any fund-raising activities for the last eleven years, and we’re trying to get back into supporting our youth groups,” said Kermit Abshire, the Adjutant of Post 0030 in Independence. “We’d like to get back out there and be able to support veterans, and support organizations.”

The group had planned to sell the $5.00 raffle tickets door to door, then the pandemic hit, they had to change the plan.

“We just sit down here and let the door door come to us,” said Abshire. We’re at this location every day of the week except for Sunday we take Sunday off there’s not much traffic on Sunday through here.”

The tractor is a 1958 John Deere 420. They bought the restored tractor from a local shop for $4,000. The group is offering a rifle as a second prize, there’s also a weekend getaway to Dubuque plus $100.

They also plan to pay for a local student’s school lunch for a year.

“I come from Louisiana, every three or four months we would have a raffle,” said Abshire. “When I come up here that was the first question I asked when do we do fundraising, because I was looking to get involved and I was told that we didn’t do fundraising, then I ran for the office.”

The local post is also hoping to attract more members to their ranks.

“Just about everybody I’ve met has been very supportive of the American Legion,” said Abshire. “This community has been involved in every war or conflict that we’ve had since the turn of the 19th century they’ve been sending soldiers to war.”

To learn more about the post, or to buy a raffle ticket, contact Abshire at 319-215-9362, or Bob Hocken at 319-361-7591


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