Howard County Veterans Include Five Admirals

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CRESCO, Iowa — In Cresco, the Howard County Freedom Rock is one of several monuments paying tribute to those who served their country.

The Bubba Sorenson-painted rock notes some remarkable individuals who served our country, and all hail from this northeast Iowa town.

“For a small town far away from any large body of water for one thing during World War II we had five admirals from Cresco,” said Marlene Quinn, who as a young person knew some who served in World War II.

“During World War II as young as I was, I knew several of the men were killed in action,” said Quinn. “One was a neighbor we had a board in the courthouse yard with all their names on it, and stars on it, if they were killed, that was sad.”

The five admirals during WWII who hailed from Cresco, were George Peckham, Michael Malanaphy, Wallis Peterson, Frank Lowry, and Arthur Moen.

There was also Edouard Izac, who served in WWI, and escaped, was recaptured, and escaped again, bringing with him information valuable to our military. He was a Medal of Honor recipient.

Also, Ellen Church was recognized for her service, as a nurse, and a pilot. She went on to become the first-ever flight attendant for airlines.

“She was in the service, she was a nurse, and when they started having planes carry passengers,” said Quinn. “She thought it might be a good idea if they had nurses on these flights.”

Cresco also has a Civil War Monument and another marker honoring those who served from the Cresco area.


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