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VAN METER, Iowa — Coming out of a Memorial Day Weekend, we had a chat with the guy who works to help Veterans in Iowa. Steve Lukan is the Director of the Iowa Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

“I think one thing we would really like to stress is that there are a lot of resources out there for veterans, each county has a veterans service office, a veteran service officer, it’s just a good time especially if you’re undergoing any type of financial hardship or mental hardship those type of things it’s a good time to reach out to those resources,” said Lukan. “There’s veteran services organizations out there around the state that can help you potentially file a claim with the VA.”

In the era of COVID-19 the delivery of services has had to change to lessen face to face contact.

“It has made it more challenging certainly, but we are open for business a lot of things can be done by fax, by scan, by email, by phone call,” said Lukan. “Veterans are getting benefits new claims are being filed, it is certainly helpful to be able to sit down in person and have a face-to-face visit.”

Lukan said that this pandemic has left some people at home more, with plenty of time on their hands. This could be an opportunity to do something to help future generations in your family.

“Unfortunately the grandkids know that Grandpa served, but all of a sudden Grandpa is no longer able to take care of himself, then they’re trying to find that paperwork and start a claim,” said Lukan. “If you’re a veteran it’s a wonderful time especially now if your social distancing, and having to spend time at home, get that paperwork in order to put it in a place where your kids and family members know where it is.”

If you would like to know more about the Iowa Department of Veteran’s Affairs, click here.


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