Food Pantry Serves Veterans Five Times in Ten Months

Veteran's Voices

DES MOINES, Iowa — Veterans began lining up in. s strip mall parking lot on Euclid on Tuesday afternoon. The bright sunny weather gave everyone a lift. A crew of workers gathered to hand out a couple of pallets of food.

“It helps us a lot especially with Social Security you don’t get much,” said Burt Ryan, a Vietnam Veteran from Des Moines. “We try to make ends meet it’s a little tough.

The effort is put together by the Food Bank of Iowa, The Des Moines VA, and Polk County.

“It’s not only Polk County, we’re not going to turn anybody way so we have veterans from other counties that come we get well over 200 cars passing through,” said Pat Sweeey of the Polk County Veterans Affairs.

The workers were handing out meat, eggs, yogurt and some other food supplies as cars quickly drove by. The food was delivered to back seats, and trunks in a contact-less way.

“I mean there’s a lot of veterans that’s not working is not able to work or have part-time jobs it during this Covid it’s really hurt us,” said Robin Wheeler of Des Moines, who is also a Desert Storm Veteran. “I’m very proud to be a veteran and I wish more and more people would think about it and defend our country.”

“I honestly appreciate it this, it is really a blessing,” said Ryan “This is the time that everybody needs it more than us but it’s just a blessing that way they are helping us.”


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