Des Moines County Gets Freedom Rock

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MEDIAPOLIS, Iowa — This summer a work of art was set up in front of the Mediapolis. In July, artist Bubba Sorenson completed the Des Moines County Freedom Rock.

“We worked with our local drainage district, they helped us find the rock, to begin with it, actually came from Louisa County,” said Ken Friedel, of the Des Moines County Freedom Rock Committee. “A local farmer volunteered to let us have it.”

Like other counties where he has painted, Sorenson collects the stories of local people who have served.

The Freedom Rock features the story of Civil War General John Corse, of Burlington. Also, there are other stories.

“Of course the Army Ammunition Plant ( in Burlington), they’ve been very instrumental in the county since World War II days providing armaments for the military,” said Friedel. “This is dedicated to Jimmy Howard and Hill 488 in the Vietnam Conflict, he also served I think in the Korean Conflict ahead that time but he was a Medal of Honor winner.”

The Des Moines County Freedom Rock Committee also plans to put a plaza around the rock, to make it more appealing to visitors who are traveling the 99 County Freedom Rock circuit, once all the rocks are painted.

“We invite you to Mediapolis, to see the Des Moines County Freedom Rock, on your tour the other Freedom Rocks around surround the state,” said Friedel.

Friedel said that although he is not a military veteran, he appreciates those who have served.

“If it wasn’t for armed services protecting the rights we have under the constitution, what would this country have,” said Freidel. “That’s what gives us our freedom is that document, the Constitution and people like this are the people that who defended that we have other a lot of veterans here in the community that I’ve served in the Korean conflict and a lot of them in World War II.”

If you would like to know more about the Des Moines County Freedom Rock, click here.


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