DES MOINES, Iowa — The Disabled American Veterans organization is trying to help military personnel and their spouses to transition from military service to civilian life by doing a series of virtual career fairs.

“In addition to employment assistance, veterans can utilize career counseling and resume assistance, network with fellow veterans and military personnel, and get support with their Department of Veterans Affairs benefits and claims assistance—all at no cost,” said Rob Lougee, DAV’s Assistant National Employment Director.

In a Zoom interview with WHO 13, Lougee said the virtual job fair can reach out to military members wherever they may be located. Lougee said DAV started getting into virtual career fairs right before the pandemic hit.

“We needed to allow service members who are going to ship or overseas or somewhere where they weren’t in a traditional channel, to have access,” said Lougee. “They need to be able to reach out and find meaningful employment, something within their lane something they were interested in doing.” 

The goal of the career fairs is to help military personnel have a smooth transition to civilian life.

“I think a part of the smooth transition is, number one, getting involved while you’re on active duty,” said Lougee. “As soon as you can, service members now can get involved with the transition assistance program, 12 months from your separation.”

Lougee, a disabled Army veteran of the Persian Gulf War, is available to discuss trends in veteran and military spouse hiring, valuable employment-related resources, and job opportunities in the national region. To arrange an interview, contact him at 859-442-2055.     

To register for the National Virtual Transitioning Army & Spouse Career Fair and access additional no-cost resources for veterans and their families, go to