Veterans Honored at Iowa State Capitol

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Iowans are paying tribute to those who served our country.

On Sunday, a small ceremony was held outside of the Iowa State Capitol on the Memorial Grounds. The event was put on by the Marine Corps League of Des Moines but all branches of the military were recognized.

“It means a whole to me for people to come out here and show respect for the United States of America,” Marine Corps John Davey says as he fights back tears. “These men served this county so we can have freedom.”

Davy wishes more people were in attendance at the ceremony. He and others at the event voiced their fear that respect of our country’s history is fading.

“It hurts my feelings that there’s not a lot of people out here for this respectful ceremony. I’m just blown away there are not more people standing up for these veterans.”

Veterans helped to lay the wreaths in the front of the Korean and Vietnam Memorials as well at the Iraq and Afghanistan Remembrance pieces on the Memorial Grounds.




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