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POLK COUNTY, Iowa  —  A verdict has been reached in Kirsten Anderson‘s trial alleging sexual harassment by Senate Republicans.

The jury awarded Anderson $2.1 million in damages.

Anderson’s team was asking for $1.2 million, and received nearly double that amount. $1.4 million was awarded for past damages and $795,000 for future damages.

Following the jury’s decision, Governor Reynolds released a statement saying, “We always have to be vigilant to ensure harassment doesn’t happen in the workplace. It is unacceptable.”

Senate Majority Leader Bill Dix also released the following statement regarding the verdict:

“I am disappointed in the verdict announced this afternoon. Kirsten Anderson was terminated only for her poor work product and absolutely no other reason.  

The environment prior to my leadership was lacking in professionalism and appropriate behavior. Any issues that arose during the trial, which had not previously been reported to a supervisor, will be investigated and addressed immediately.   

During my leadership of the Senate Republican Caucus, harassment and inappropriate behavior was addressed immediately and effectively and it will continue to be addressed in that manner in the future. The Senate Republican Caucus is now a safe environment and there is no tolerance for any and all types of harassment.”  

Channel 13’s Josh Nguyen spoke with Anderson and one of her attorneys, Mike Carroll, live after the trial ended; these interviews can be seen in full above.