‘Vast Majority of the Problem Was Me,’ Hickenlooper Says About Campaign Departures

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PERRY, Iowa — Former Colorado governor and presidential candidate John Hickenlooper made a stop in Perry Sunday evening.

This comes after top advisers left his campaign, including his campaign manager and financial director.

“The vast majority of the problem was me, not being as good of a messenger as I needed to be,” Hickenlooper said.  “I’m committed to growing and getting better.”

He acknowledged some of his faults while speaking with Channel 13, like his debating skills and ability to attract big donors. Hickenlooper will need at least 130,000 donors by September to qualify for the next debate.

However, the former governor said he is confident in his ability to move forward and continue working on his weaknesses.

“I know how to take that entrepreneurial luck, you don’t quit.” he said. Before Hickenlooper started politics, he worked as a geologist and had a successful brewery in Denver.

Hickenlooper focused on his message of bringing people together, as he said he has done as the governor. The Colorado candidate has been running a moderate campaign, and told voters the country doesn’t need to turn to socialist policies, like free college tuition, as some of the other candidates have proposed.

“What I’ve done is put teams of really talented people together from all different backgrounds, from business and nonprofits and we’ve taken on big, challenging projects and we’ve gotten them done,” he said. That’s what I think the country needs.”

Hickenlooper said the skills needed to run a campaign are not necessarily the skills needed to be a good Governor or President. He told voters while he might have fallbacks running a campaign, he makes up for it in office.

Channel 13 asked Hickenlooper how he would set apart himself from candidates like former Vice President Joe Biden, who continues to lead the polls, also on a moderate campaign.

“Everyone else has been in Washington, the vice president, most of the senators,” he said. “They’re debaters, they talk about things, I’m a doer.”

One Iowa voter who is originally from Colorado says he was impressed with Hickenlooper but thinks his talents might be suited elsewhere.

“I’d rather have him run for Senate. I’d rather have a lot of them run for Senate to get the Senate back from the Republicans. That’s how I feel about it,” said Jerry Burgess, a voter.

Hickenlooper will make stops in Creston, Ottumwa and Des Moines on Monday.


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