CARROLL, Iowa — For the first time in school history, Van Meter High School sent both softball and baseball teams to the state tournament. Because of a shift in the high school athletics calendar the games are happening on the same day and over an hour’s drive apart from each other.

One family from Van Meter has a child on each team and made sure they wouldn’t miss a cheering moment for either. “It was tough, we got up early and the softball team had a sendoff at 8 a.m. so we did that and sent them back. I went back and worked for a few hours and then went to Fort Dodge and had a pregame at a restaurant there and then came here.” Let’s just say when you are in a hurry though every slow driver in the state is in front of you. We did a lot of passing but we made it in time,” said Angie Wiedman from Van Meter.

Van Meter couple Angie and Mike Wiedman began their day driving to Fort Dodge as Van Meter softball faced off against Regina Catholic. The first pitch was at 3:30 p.m. Their daughter Kennedy is a sophomore on the fifth-seeded Bulldogs squad.

The parents came prepared for the switch with an extra set of clothes after the softball game and switched into Van Meter state baseball shirts on the drive to Carroll. Once the game was over the Wiedmans drove 65 miles southwest where their son Rylan, a junior, and his Class 2-A top-ranked Bulldogs baseball team were prepping for their state opener appearance against Kuemper Catholic.

The race to cheer on some Bulldog runs from both of their children though was well worth it. Angie said, “Watching them grow and get better and it’s really the community and the family. It’s a whole family ordeal. it’s not just them playing you know it’s a whole family and a whole community. It is amazing.”

The Van Meter softball team lost to Regina Catholic 6-5 and the Van Meter baseball team defeated Kuemper Catholic 5-3.

From Van Meter to Fort Dodge to Carroll and back to Van Meter is 230 miles. The Wiedman’s trip is 40 miles longer than traveling one way from the Des Moines metro to Kansas City.