Valentine Heartfelt Greetings Made By Hand in Ankeny

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ANKENY, Iowa- It’s the 11th hour for people wanting to mark Valentine’s Day. At this store off Shurefine Drive, a group of women are working on the details of a few more valentines for their kids, or grandkids.

“Our mission at Taylored Expressions is up on the board behind me it is simply to share joy, and we choose to do that through the making and giving of handmade cards,” said Taylor Van Bruggen, Founder, of Taylored Expressions, in Ankney. “There are lots of different ways you can share joy, but that’s how we express that here.”

Van Bruggen’s company offers metal die-cut for making 3D paper ornaments, and stamps to put ink in a unique pattern on the home-made cards.

The company offers materials for all sorts of cards, including Valentines, Easter, and all kinds of occasions. Van Bruggen started making cards when she moved out of her home state of Iowa to California. While she was there, she began posting her creations to a blog, and things took off from there.

“This isn’t something that I intended but yes we now have 15 employees we brought our own manufacturing in-house for one of our product lines,” said Van Bruggen. “We have two suites here in Ankeny and down on the southside of Des Moines we have our manufacturing operation.”

The Taylored Expressions Store on Surefine is only open occasionally to accommodate classes taught on card making.

“ A lot of people here like to say that being creative and stamping is cheaper than therapy so this is a therapy for some people too,” said Van Bruggen.

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