Vacant Lot Turned into Urban Green Space by Marshalltown Developers

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MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa- In 2012 there was a giant fire in Marshalltown, which destroyed a business in a large old building from a century ago.

That corner of East Main and South Second, just east of the Courthouse was a vacant lot for a few years, until 2017.

Now the lot is called Gallery Garden.Travel Iowa State Tourism Website describes the park.

“Gallery Garden is a privately owned, urban-style green space open to the public, the only project of its kind in Iowa.

“We had some assistance from the IOWA economic development authority they were looking for Stormwater management demonstration,” said Jeff Mitchell one of the park developers. “It captures the rainwater of the parking lot allows it to go into the ground into a detention chamber where it gradually gets absorbed into the soil down, or water table for us to drink.”

The park is part of a condo development in an older building nearby.

“We were really excited about the opportunity to make our downtown Main Street even prettier than it is,” said Barb Hagstrand, also a developer of the park.

The park will eventually include solar panels producing power for the park lights and helping power the condo next door.  There will also be outdoor artwork at the park.

Gallery Garden is free. If you wish to contact the owners you can call, or email.

135 E Main Street
Marshalltown, Iowa

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