USS Iowa to Fire Guns For Hawkeye Pep Rally

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USS Iowa will host Hawkeye pep rally on dock in San Pedro CA (Roger Riley WHO-HD)
USS Iowa will host Hawkeye pep rally on dock in San Pedro CA (Roger Riley WHO-HD)

SAN PEDRO, California- The Battleship USS Iowa will welcome the University of Iowa Hawkeye fans to the Rose Bowl, by firing its 5-inch guns in celebration. These are the small guns on the side of the ship. A pep rally will be held on the dock in front of the USS Iowa on Thursday, December 31, from 12 to 5 p.m.

The guns may be fired around 4 p.m.

All Iowa fans are invited to the free rally. Food and drink will be available through a local vendor.

Because of the State of Iowa providing $3 million toward the restoration of the ship, any Iowa resident is given free admission to the floating ship museum. In addition, any University of Iowa student with a student id will also be given free admission, even if they are not from Iowa. The free admission to U of I students is extended through January.

“We have had Iowa by the sea,they do have their annual picnic at the ship,” said Andrew Bossenmeyer, spokesman for the USS Iowa.  “But as far as the amount of attention the Rose Bowl is getting, we have not seen this, we are looking forward to having Iowans visit, they have been very supportive of us.”

The guns on the ship are only fired on special occasions. This could be the largest gathering of Iowans to ever visit the ship in it’s four-year history as a museum.

The ship is located in the Los Angeles Harbor, across from the Long Beach Ship Yards, where huge container ships unload.


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