USDA Canceling Farmers to Families Food Box Program


WASHINGTON, DC — The U-S Department of Agriculture is canceling the Farmers to Families Food Box Program. In a meeting with the House Agriculture Appropriations Committee, Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack told lawmakers the UUSDA will keep providing healthy foods – but do it through what he calls “more efficient systems”.

The Food Box program has provided 125-million food boxes and purchased more than $4.5 billion dollars worth of food. Vilsack says the Program was initially started to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, but they now they have found a lot of problems with it.

“There was a significant difference of administrative costs, in some cases people were charged a tremendous amount just to fill the boxes,” says Vilsack, “There was an inadequate accounting of where the boxes were delivered. There was a lot of food waste and loss we uncovered.”

Vilsack says they plan to create opportunities through the Emergency Food Assistance Program which includes food bank and food pantry programs, so there’ll be a continuation of food assistance.

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