URBANDALE, Iowa — The Urbandale School District is considering giving the Urbandale Police Department access to their security cameras in the event of a crisis situation.

The police department would be able to watch the cameras when an active shooter is inside the building to improve emergency crews’ response time and tactics in a crisis.

During routine active shooter training in the schools, law enforcement will be testing access to the cameras. This training will only occur outside of the school day when no students are present.

Urbandale school administrators said they hope this training will result in positive outcomes if one of their schools experiences a crisis situation in the future.

The police department will only be granted access to the cameras during an active crisis situation or during training. Cameras cannot be accessed during the school day when there is no active threat.

A vote on approving the camera access will take place during the August 22 School Board Meeting, it will then be sent to the Urbandale City Council for final review and approval.