WHO 13 NEWS – For years doctors have recommended people take aspirin to prevent heart attack and stroke, but those guidelines have changed.

The US Preventive Services Task Force is finding out taking the blood thinner may not be as beneficial for most healthy people. That’s why it’s advising people over the age of 60 to not start taking the daily dosage, and those between 40 and 59 to talk to their doctor before deciding. 

The shift came after studies found low-dose aspirin was also associated with increases in the risk of bleeding.

Dr. Luke Groben, a cardiologist with The Iowa Clinic, expected these changes to come.

“As medicine progresses and we learn more about the benefits and inherent risks and different things that we recommend, this will influence that,” Dr. Groben said.

If you’ve had a heart attack or stroke and your doctor has already put you on the daily dosage of aspirin, talk with them about what these changes mean for you.