UPDATE: See the Dozens of Dogs Rescued From Abandoned Flooded Property Now at AHeinz57

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DESOTO, Iowa — While Hamburg is starting its cleanup, just North, homeowners in Pacific Junction may have nothing to come back to. Drone footage from Wednesday shows the water still not receding leaving some houses still flooded up to the rain gutters.

It was in that very same town where nearly three dozen dogs had to be rescued from an abandoned house just over a week ago.

“They are almost frozen to death. Literally these have open wounds and they are bleeding,” a rescue volunteer said last week while out saving the dogs in Mills County.

Three different rescue groups waded their way through freezing flood water to rescue dozens of dogs abandoned at a single household in Pacific Junction.

“These dogs needed our help. Some were up on the trees. Some were on the roof. There was just nowhere for them to go,” Amy Heinz, Executive Director for AHeinz57 Rescue in Desoto said.

AHeinz57 assisted in trying to get all 34 dogs to safety.

“The first one that we pulled out was literally stuck in the mud. We couldn’t even tell what color it was,” Heinz said. “It was clearly injured and it was bleeding.” Some, were beyond saving.

“It took its last breath in our canoe,” Heinz said. “Sadly we didn’t even get it back to shore before it died.”

But for the 32 who survived, they now look happy and warm inside AHeinz57. And also, maybe still a little stinky.

“We can’t bathe them because they are afraid of the water,” Heinz said.

Their cuteness outweighs the smell. AHeinz57 is working to help these skittish animals be ready for a permanent home.

“They are coming around. Some of the adults are starting to let us pet them,” Heinz said.

In reality, they saved much more than just 32 dogs. They now know at least three are pregnant, maybe more.

With more puppies on the way, AHeinz57 says it will be a lot to handle, but just like the human’s affected by this flooding, the canines will make it through.

“We’ve named them all after cities that were flooded just kind of as a symbol that life goes on and can even be better after this,” Heinz said. “So to the people out there, don’t give up hope.”

The younger dogs are almost ready for adoption, once they’re spayed, neutered, and parasite free. They were found with hookworms, roundworms, and whipworms.


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