CLARE, Iowa — Over the weekend, Mike and Nancy McCabe were relieved to see a USPS mail carrier for the first time in nine days.

“When we got our nine days’ worth and it looked like a small log you’d put in your wood burner,” Nancy McCabe said. “You know, eighteen newspapers and other mail, few of the neighbors’ pieces.”

The McCabe’s live on an acreage outside Clare and are part of the Clare/Badger mail route that also encompasses parts of northern Fort Dodge. Since November 14, McCabe has documented fifteen days mail hasn’t been delivered or picked up. While getting the mail now is a relief, it doesn’t help her business which requires her to send packages frequently.

“We can’t depend on a carrier for my packages to be picked up. It’s hard for me to run a business and I know it’s hard for everyone else as well. We just depend on our mail every day,” McCabe said.

A pile of packages waiting to be picked up by the USPS grows inside the McCabe’s home.

The McCabe’s are not alone.

“You know, it’s a large agricultural issue out here too. I know my brother-in-law waits on checks for his grain and farm and so does every other farmer out here,” McCabe said.

McCabe said the post office informed her that staffing issues are to blame for the interruption in mail service.

WHO 13 reached out to the main post office in charge of sorting and distributing the mail for the route for information about how many customers are being impacted. A USPS representative informed us a supervisor would need to call us back.