DES MOINES, Iowa — An Uber driver unwittingly gave a bank robber a ride to the scene of the crime on Wednesday, police said, before then having his car stolen in the getaway.

“Right now we’re looking at the possibility that he Uber-ed to the scene here and then robbed the Uber driver of his car after this was over,” said Des Moines Police Sergeant Paul Parizek. Police are still looking for the bank-robber-turned-car-thief, but said they have solid investigative leads.

Police were called to the Chase Bank in the 6100 block of SE 14th Street around 10:30 am on a report of a robbery. Police said the suspect demanded money then took off from the scene in a vehicle. A short time later, police took a report of an Uber driver who’d been robbed of his car. Police quickly learned the crimes were connected. No one was injured in either robbery.

Police are not releasing a suspect’s name or description, but believe they have a “solid” lead on who he is. Hiring an Uber driver requires a user to submit their personal and financial information.

“We’ve got some good leads there from amount of contact he’s had with people,” Parizek said. “This is something that we see more often during the holiday season. We want everyone to be as vigilant as they can. If you see something, say something.”

Aside from the unique nature of the alleged-robber’s getaway, police said everyone should be careful as they tend to see more robbery reports at this time of year.