Two Iowans in Custody for Weapons Charges in Boston, Held Without Bond

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BOSTON, Massachusetts -- Two Iowa men appeared in a Boston courtroom Monday, accused of threatening those at the World Pokemon Championships.

Boston police arrested Kevin Norton, 18, of Ames and James Stumbo, 27, of Boone and charged them with unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition, and unlawful possession of a large capacity rifle.

Norton and Stumbo were in Boston to attend the gaming competition but posts the two allegedly made online prior to arriving caught the eye of authorities.

"On social media there were threats, references made to Columbine, obviously to the Boston bombings,  to the Boston massacre reference to the AR-15," says Boston Police Commissioner Williams Evans.

Authorities say the posts were spotted on a private online chat after the two were banned from the site for bullying.

A search of the vehicle the two drove to Boston revealed a 12-gauge shotgun, AR-15, hundreds of rounds of ammunition and a knife.

On Aug. 19, Stumbo posted on the Mayhem Pokemon Crew Facebook page, "Kevin Norton and I are ready for worlds Boston here we come!!!!" A later comment by Norton says, "With killing the competition?"

An employee with the Mayhem Collectibles store in Ames said he was shocked when he heard the news. He said he knows Stumbo and Norton but the two haven't been regulars at the stores Tuesday night Pokemon league for quite some time.

An address listed as belonging to Stumbo in rural Boone appears to be where the two men conducted target practice.

Two-dozen shotgun and AR-15 shell casings were seen on the ground along with broken bottles and other items used for target practice.

Stumbo and Norton are being held in Boston without bond.

Authorities say the two men are not facing any charges for the threats each of them allegedly made online, however the investigation in ongoing.


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