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DES MOINES, Iowa — Two people have now been charged in the robbery of an Iowan woman who won over $10,000 at Prairie Meadows Casino Tuesday.

The Des Moines Police Department have arrested and charged a second suspect for allegedly robbing the 71-year-old woman. Jared Fernand Shoning, 29, was charged with First Degree Robbery, First Degree Theft, and Conspiracy To Commit A Forcible Felony on Friday.

On Thursday the Des Moines Police Department arrested and charged Timothy Jacob Spencer, 30, for allegedly robbing the woman. Spencer was charged with First Degree Robbery, First Degree Theft, Conspiracy To Commit A Forcible Felony, and Going Armed With Intent.

According to the police department, Spencer and Shoning allegedly surveilled the victim after she had won her prize. The men followed her from the Prairie Meadows parking lot to the 3400 block of Easton Blvd. where they forced the victim out of her vehicle.

Spencer allegedly smashed the victims driver side window while displaying a firearm and took her purse.

Law enforcement also discovered text messages between Shoning and Spencer from the morning of July 20, according to a press release. One text message allegedly from Shoning said ‘so you wanna do another job it’s easy and fast’. Spencer allegedly replied asking Shoning to meet in person.

According to law enforcement Spencer and Shoning have denied involvement in this incident. Spencer is being held on a $60,000 bond. Shoning’s bond has not yet been set.

The Des Moines Police Department is still investigating this incident.