Editor’s Note: All charges made against Daniel Onwuramaka have been dismissed without prejudice. According to court records, the decision not to prosecute was made because further investigation revealed that Onwuramaka was not involved in the incident.

GRIMES, Iowa — Two people were arrested Friday night for allegedly assaulting and holding a juvenile at knifepoint last month.

Christian Nyemah, 18, and Daniel Onwuramaka, 18, were both charged with false imprisonment and willful injury – causing bodily injury.

According to court records, on Feb. 27 at around 1:30 p.m. Nyemah and Onwuramaka asked the juvenile victim to meet them at a park in Grimes. When the victim arrived, the defendants seriously injured the victim to the point where he needed to be taken to the hospital, court records state. The victim suffered a large laceration to the forehead, a concussion, and had injuries to his ribs and right wrist.

After Nyemah and Onwuramaka allegedly assaulted the victim, they demanded he drive them to a residence in Grimes, court records state. One of the defendants also pointed a knife at the victim and said ‘if you don’t give us a ride, you’re going to feel pain’, according to court records.

Onwuramaka has bonded out of the Polk County Jail. Nyemah remains in Polk County Jail on a $11,000 bond. Both defendants are scheduled to appear at a preliminary hearing on March 14.