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PELLA, Iowa — In Pella, there are lots of people. The first clue: parking hard to find around the square.

“[It’s] beautiful. Everybody’s coming up and down Washington Street. There’s lots of flowers. Every house has them. They’re all blooming at the same time,” said Merle McAlvey of Omaha.

Visitors to Pella said they appreciate the maps with bloom updates.

“My cousin and I we were planning on coming next week, but we checked the bloom schedule which it showed they were blooming now, so we changed our plans,” said Penny Sund of Cedar Falls.

“We looked at the map and it said the flowers are blooming now, so this is the weekend we come,” said McAlvey.

For some visitors, the trip to Pella is a special occasion. Annette Baldwin, who lives in the Chicago area now, said she hasn’t been to Pella in 40 years. But her high school friends brought her back to enjoy the occasion.

Baldwin said she was able to relive childhood memories from long ago trips to Pella.

“I can still see them. I can still see myself in that car looking down at all the tulips right along the parkways and the entry in town and holding our breath,” said Baldwin. “I applaud the community, the citizens and the town government for continuing this spectacular festival. Thank you for making it possible.”

If you are still planning to come to Tulip Time, some beds have yet to bloom.

The 84th annual Tulip Time celebration goes from May 2-4. Visit this website to learn more information about the activities going on during the festival.