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A lot of Iowans will be making the trip Pella this weekend for the annual Tulip Time Festival.

The event kicked off Thursday with little rainy but, people enjoyed the singing, dancing, delicious Dutch pastries, and afternoon parade.

There are two parades yet Friday and Saturday. Those start at 2:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.

Even in the rain, folks will stand in line for poffertjes. They are tiny pancakes.

The local Kiwanis Club makes them over a hot grill by the hundreds. They sell with powdered sugar or with strawberries.

The treat is quite popular for visitors to Tulip Time.

“They’re so small ‘cause poffertjes stands for ‘little hat’ so that’s what they look like a little hat. Just fun to eat that way you can eat them with your fingers, or a fork or whatever you wanna do,” says Kevin Bolt of the Kiwanis Club.

You can find the Kiwanis Club stand near the Vermeer Windmill.

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