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BRIDGEWATER, IOWA — The severe storms that crossed Iowa on Tuesday were isolated, but one of those isolated spots caused $150,000 in damage to certified organic crops at Bridgewater Farms.

“I’d never seen anything like it we had hail storms before but no wind and the hail just come straight down,” said Dale Raasch, of Bridgewater Farm. “It just wiped out that all of our strawberries, our sweet corn, 5,000 tomato plants, and 5,000 pepper plants.”

The farm does not have crop insurance for this loss. Since they raise organic crops, all the insurance only pays out is the rate for standard non-organic crops – making the payout not worth the pay-in.

“Everything was looking so good this year until Tuesday night about 7:15 and we weren’t even supposed to get a rain. Everything was supposed to say to the north of us,” Said Raasch, “The next thing I know the wind started coming up but it started raining and the thing was  you couldn’t even see 5 feet in front of you it was it was just white.”

Since the farm is not insured, Raasch has regretfully opened a GoFund Me page.  He is also getting help from others in the organic produce industry to get some replacement plants in to plant next week.

“Took a walk around the night before and saw the hay was shoulder high, everything just looks so good,” said Raasch. Now you know an hour and a half later it just everything is just pretty much destroyed, it was what you call a $150,000 loss in 10 minutes.”