DES MOINES, Iowa — The Iowa State Fair has something for everyone.

On Tuesday a BBQ Cooking Contest was held on the Grand Avenue Concourse. Steven Heaberlin of Indianola is a retired farmer who took up slow-cooking meat.

“I like the lay the meat flat come down the bones on it took the meat off the bone, if you want you get all the meat one big chunk where you can do servings,” said Heaberlin.

He showed the contest judges his style of slicing the meat.

Food was also being prepared for the team showing hogs in the swine barn from Woodward Granger.

“My job is really to be the cook so we do sausage eggs and hash browns, every morning, for family and friends from Woodward -Granger, or Boone County,” said Tim Heard from Woodward.

Tuesday morning the Market Bred Gilts were showing in one of the arenas inside the Swine Building.

“Exhibitors on have all spent a lot of time throughout the summer working with their pig basically training the pigs like an athlete and take their walk every day,” said Kiley Allan, the Iowa Pork Queen who hails from LeMars. “This is like kind of a big game of the year.”

Tuesday was also a day for the big tractor pulls, both Tuesday and Wednesday. Some of the tractors are equipped with a helicopter engine.

“The best way I can put it is when I just let it all go everything fades the tractor becomes weightless and I feel like a body moving through space and time that’s the best way I can put it,” said Kason Petch of Milford NE, who built the high powered pulling tractor.

The Iowa State Fair hosted the Outhouse Races on Tuesday as well.

“They have to stop at the finish and clean the toilet, they had to get a bucket of slop, find a corn cob, and the tough part if a guy is doing it, is to change out the roll of toilet paper,” said Big John McCoy of KJJY Radio.