Trump Parade Rally With David Young in Atlantic


ATLANTIC, Iowa — They lined up at the Cass County Fairgrounds. Trucks and cars waved Trump flags and signs. There were also some tractors, a farm sprayer, a firetruck and even jeeps were in the parade through town.

“I think people have common sense here and for sure in southwest Iowa,” said Leanne Pellett of the Cass County Republicans. “I would say overall anybody with any common sense, all they have to do is listen to Joe Biden, all they have to do is listen to Kamala Harris or look at what their platform.”

As the parade lined up, former 4th District Congressman David Young spoke with the people waiting to participate. He said his campaign is organizing Trump parades across the district. One is scheduled for Norwalk on Saturday afternoon.

“Just in terms of making sure the economy is strong, at the same time making sure that we’re taking the steps to conquer this virus,” said Young in an interview. “We can do both. We are Iowans, we are Americans, we can do that. And just making sure that we’re leading on all the issues and Iowa has a seat at the table.”

“I like what he’s done in the last three and a half years,” said parade participant Mike Lovell. “I don’t want to see liberals turn to socialists to take over our country.”

“What he’s done for the economy, what he’s trying to help the American people within the health care departments, and things like that,” said Randy Bland, who was visiting Atlantic from Arkansas.


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