Trump in Town for Congressman’s Fundraiser

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WEST DES MOINES, Iowa - All this month, U.S. Republican Congressman Steve King is bringing headliner politicians to the state. Saturday, he welcomed the star of the TV show “Apprentice", Donald Trump, who visited West Des Moines for a fundraiser.

Trump arrived 30 minutes late to the media avail but was quick to mention his love for Iowa and for Iowans and his support for King.

“I’m a big supporter of Steve. He’s done an amazing job. He is someone who is respected all over the country. You know him from Iowa and I know him from throughout the country,” says Trump. “It’s my great honor to be here and support and endorse Steve King.”

Congressman King says his friendship with the billionaire began after the September 11th attack and he values his support.

“We ought to be paying attention what is going on in Manhattan and I like it when Manhattan knows what's going on here in Iowa.”

The congressman spoke briefly on securing the nation’ boarders, the Ebola outbreak and criticized the President’s job in office. Trump added Obama is the worst President since Jimmy Carter and that the country needs to elect someone ‘great’ into office.

“We need someone very smart and very tough and we need a great one. We are so far behind the eight ball at this point that good isn’t good enough.”

Trump says he is considering running for president but says he won’t make the decision until early 2016. He also spoke passionately about America’s response to the Ebola outbreak and the lack of transparency within the CDC.

“Take a look at Ebola. We’re going to send 4,000 innocent soldiers, ill-equipped and ill-trained, who had never heard the word Ebola until two weeks ago and you just say is China or Russia helping? All of these other countries who are making tremendous amounts of money out of West Africa, where are they? We are always the ones to go in there and do it.”

King's opponent, Jim Mowrer had something to say about "Trump being in town.” A statement from his campaign reads:

“Serving in congress isn't a reality TV show. While few people take Trump seriously as a presidential candidate or political figure, even Trump has acknowledged that King's 2013 government shutdown was a mess that embarrassed America all over the world.”

Next week there is televised debate however King says he isn't sure he will take part because of his lead in the polls against Mowrer.


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