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NEWTON, Iowa — “We’re losing our jobs. They’re being taken away,” said businessman and Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump.

Trump highlighted a major theme of his campaign during the WHO-HD Iowa Forum at DMACC and the rally he held immediately after the forum – by connecting jobs and the economy directly to what happened in Newton with the closing of Maytag. “Where they took it right to Mexico, and 4,000 jobs were lost instantaneously. It wasn’t even like it was over a period of time, it was like all of a sudden you lose 4,000 jobs. Many of you folks worked for Maytag,” said Trump. “Whatever happened to Maytag? Tell me, does anyone know? Just disappeared. It went to Mexico. I think it disappeared,” said Trump.

Trump called upon a small business owner at the rally to help make his case; that he is and will be a job creator for America. “Everybody I’m sure has seen the 60 Minutes piece from five years ago,” said David McNeer of Newton. McNeer was highlighted in that famous 60 Minutes report from 2010. In the report, McNeer said his company, Maxim Advertising, was hurt by the recession and was getting smaller and smaller. “The next morning he got a call from Trump`s office and he said we`d like to do a little business with you, and so he put him next to some people that did some business, and that was really genuine I think on his behalf,” said David McNeer’s father, John McNeer.

David McNeer says after the 60 Minutes report aired, he got calls and text messages from customers, suppliers, and competitors, and a special call from Mr. Trump. “But, I did not get one call from one politician. Not from the City of Newton, not from the County, not from the State, not a U.S. Senator, not a U.S. Congressman. Nobody took five minutes, or three minutes, or five seconds to pickup a phone and give me a call. Hell, they could have done it for a photo-op for god’s sakes, it was two days before the election,” said David McNeer. “But Mr. Trump, out of the goodness of his heart, asked what he could do to help us,” said David McNeer.

David McNeer says Trump cared about him and his small business then, and he cares about bringing jobs back to America now. McNeer now does business with Trump. “If you’re wearing a product from Maxim Advertising tonight, and a lot of you are, you’ll look in there and you’ll see the label, and you’ll see ‘Made in the U.S.A.’ You’ll see it on these buttons are made in the U.S.A. Those shirts are made in the U.S.A. Everything we do is made here in the U.S.A., and that’s the way we put America back to work again,” said David McNeer.