Trump Float Moving Through Des Moines Street Brings Different Views of What’s Ahead

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DES MOINES, Iowa — A pessimist, optimist and realist were three of the Iowans who lined the streets for the annual Des Moines Labor Day Parade along Grand Avenue and watched a float with what was supposed to represent President Donald Trump’s head. They had differing views of President Trump’s trade war with China that brought another $100 billion in tariffs this week on imported goods.

Pessimist–Julie Morrow of Des Moines attends DMACC, where she plans a career in human resources. “I’m straight Democrat and I can’t wait to vote for president again,” she said. Morrow doesn’t have faith in President Trump. “I’m worried. I’m worried, ” she said of the president’s trade war, “I’m just worried.”

Optimist– Wayne Sherman of West Des Moines recently got a new job working for Pepsi. It pays him nearly twice what he previously made. “One hundred percent Donald Trump,” Sherman said of his approval for the president and his policies, “Absolutely.” Sherman thinks the trade war will eventually pay off with a better deal for the United States. “I think we’re doing pretty good,” he said, “I think we’ll be alright.”

Realist– Cathy Hammer of Des Moines considers herself a realist because she sees good in the economy now but has worry for later. “I think people are working,” she said, “It’s a good life.” But Hammer is concerned that tariffs are already impacting people with tighter finances. “We live paycheck to paycheck,” she explains, “Scary stuff out there. Noticing things are getting a little higher at the store. So, yeah, there are worries about that,” Hammer said.

Status of trade war which could raise prices on clothes, food, shoes and electronics. 

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