WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — Drivers saw slick road conditions all across the state, with northern Iowa experiencing the heavier snowfall.

Truck drivers were pulling off of Interstate 35 to fuel up their big rigs and prep for more hours on slippery roadways. One truck driver came from Storm Lake on Thursday morning, and he said the road conditions were not great.

“It was snowing up there. The roads was kind of crazy. The wind was blowing, wind always blowing up there, you know,” said LaSalle Waldrip. “The roads is getting worser and worser.”

Another driver was just starting his drive around 2 p.m. in West Des Moines when big flurries made visibility extremely limited and he was sliding around before he left town.

“It’s really sticking on the overpasses, I’ve already seen a couple trucks slide and I even slid on one as well on my way over here,” said David Hallmann. “Visibility for the most part, secondly the buildup on our windshields. It’s bad, just slow down. Slow down. Otherwise, it is disaster.”

Waldrip said that he takes pride in his safe driving as he has been trucking on the roads for seven years. He says his key to success is drive for other people.

“It is dangerous out there, man. You know? Everybody got to be safe, be considerate of everybody else on the road,” said Waldrip.