Trompeter’s Boyfriend’s Car Involved in Shooting

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There’s a bizarre story coming out the Twin Cities. Friends were having a going away party for former Des Moines anchor Jeanette Trompeter last night (after getting laid off from her job, she took a job in California). Jeanette and her boyfriend were getting ready to go to the gathering. Her boyfriend had his car running at their house in the driveway when he ran inside to grab some wine. A thief swiped the car and then got shot by police. Jeanette and her boyfriend are o.k. Here’s the story.

She posted this message to friends on Facebook:

Hi friends. Thank you for the concerns. I’m fine. David’s fine. Yes, it’s all true. A very strange experience indeed. One minute the police are here helping us, taking reports, etc. A few minutes later their lives are in danger. Gives me new appreciation for the risks they potentially face on every call.


We saw the new movie, “Blindside” last night. Good. Really good. A little predictable, I suppose, as many movies based on sports often are. It was a bit weird to see Sandra Bullock as a blonde with a southern accent. But she seemed believable.


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