Trivia is not Trivial for Iowa History Buffs


JEFFERSON, Iowa — The State of Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs is on a mission to help Iowans know more about Iowa. They’ve come up with an app for that called Iowa Culture.

“Pick a place in Iowa and there are many stories. In the Iowa Culture mobile app, which is a free mobile app and available for download in the Apple and Google Play stores, there is something from every county in Iowa,” said Jessica Rundlett of the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs, who does the Iowa Culture Trivia Challenge at various places across Iowa. “This program is called Iowa Culture and it’s a trivia program. It’s an informal trivia challenge because everybody knows something, and sometimes I have to give hints so people can get answers.”

Rundlett is a native of Vinton, Iowa. She took a lot of trips with her family growing up, and that sparked an interest in the backstories of Iowa towns and landmarks.

“People that are interested in history. It’s always great to get together with other people that like history,” said Rundlett. “Even if you don’t know the answer to the question I’m asking, I probably can re-frame that question and help you figure that out.”

Rundlett, who has training in undergrad and masters as a teacher, is now teaching the whole state about its own past and current treasures.

“Learning these facts has been my job for over half my life. Much to my family’s dismay, I never missed a historic marker,” said Rundlett.


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