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URBANDALE, Iowa — Just last week a man wanted on multiple charges was captured with the help of a very unique system. The truck the wanted man was driving was identified by the Urbandale Police Department’s new Flock cameras. 

The cameras flag license plates against a database of crime and missing person cases. After a short chase, the man was captured and taken into custody. The man had several outstanding warrants against him.

The system runs all license plates that drive by through the National Crime Information Center, which can identify stolen vehicles, wanted people and Amber Alerts. If a vehicle is associated with a crime, officers are alerted with a location, a photo, and which direction the car is going. 

The Urbandale Police Department says these cameras have been live for only a few weeks but have already helped them find people involved in recent crimes, more efficiently. 

“Since we’ve had these up and going since May 9 the camera system has already run over 2 million license plates just here in the city of Urbandale. So, it runs a lot of plates. There’s a lot of traffic that goes through intersections, way more than what any patrol officer could ever do while they were working,” said Holly Pickett, The Urbandale Police Department Public Information Officer.

There will be ten cameras around Urbandale and currently no other cities in the metro have them installed.