DES MOINES, IOWA — Local tow and body shops are dealing with the automobile aftermath from the severe winter weather last week.

“Right now we are averaging 70 to 80 cars a day that we’re moving,” said Andy DeBoard, the owner of Perry’s Service.

Perry’s Service has nine drivers working overtime every day this week to get all the cars off the roads. The parking lot outside of Perry’s was full of cars just towed after being stalled out on the roadways.

The company had to stop taking calls at noon on Wednesday because the list of cars to tow became too much.

“A lot of it was cold weather related. People’s cars that weren’t started for two or three days with that brutal cold just really killed the batteries,” said DeBoard. “A lot of it has been not as much accidents for us as it has been cold related.”

The cars that are totaled are being dropped off at body shops to get the more extensive work done. Ted’s Body Shop in Des Moines has their lot completely full of wrecked cars.

“It’s been absolutely crazy, hectic, a little bit of everything right now,” said Adam McRoberts, owner of Ted’s Body Shop. “It’s massive damage, it’s not the little fender benders, headlights bumpers….they’re non-drivers essentially.”

The average cost for a repair coming off the winter storm at Ted’s was between $5,000 and $15,000.