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WINTERSET, IOWA  —  Six people, including two children, were killed in Madison County on Saturday evening during a tornado outbreak.  Authorities are asking for everyone to stay out of the area as cleanup efforts begin.

Officials say four adults and two children under the age of five were killed when the town of Winterset was hit suddenly by the storm around 4:30 pm.  Madison County Emergency Management Director Diogenes Ayala says the tornado touched down near Carver Road then moved to the northeast.

Authorities are not releasing the names of those killed at this time until family members are notified.  In addition to the six deaths, authorities say there were four serious injuries in the county. 

Volunteer efforts are being coordinated beginning Sunday morning.   Anyone wanting to help with cleanup can call (515) 462-1185 beginning at 7:00 am Sunday to learn more about opportunities. Authorities are asking that everyone stay out of the area unless they are called on for help. 

Adam O’Neal shared this video of the tornado as it approached his home. His farm on the south side of Winterset took a direct hit. His family was uninjured and his home survived, but the farm and its buildings were significantly damaged.

Chief Photojournalist Mike Borland was south of Winterset near Riverside Raceway where the storm caused significant damage. This is his first drone footage from the scene: