RUNNELLS, IOWA — Dan Needels, Miranda Davis, their three kids, two dogs and one cat all survived a direct hit from a tornado on Saturday – but their home and everything they own did not.

The family’s mobile home in Runnells was picked up by the storm – with the family of five still inside – and flipped onto their garage. The family walked away, but is now rebuilding from scratch – like so many others.

“And here is where the mobile home used to be, like right here,” said Needels as he walked over the ground where his home was just last Saturday. “It just rolled over on top of all the vehicles and landed on top of the garage and spit us out underneath all that crap. I don’t know how we didn’t die.”

Within seconds Needels said he scrambled to find his family. Luckily, all of them made it out with just minor injuries.

“My wife was pinned underneath all that stuff, my daughter, her feet were sticking up out of the rubble underneath there and my 14-year-old dug her out and handed her out to me,” Needels said. “Yeah it was pretty scary.”

Needels said he thanks God for his entire family surviving the storm. After the dust settled the clean up began; Needels collected all the family valuables he could find before he had to scrap his house and garage. There has been lots of volunteers reaching out to him lending a helping hand.

“We have had numerous people donate clothes and money and food, and Vision Electric brought out equipment for us to use, that is where I work,” said Needels. “RW Excavating brought the bigger excavator out to lift it (the home) off the garage. Yeah there has been tons of people out here trying to help us clean up, it is pretty cool, everyone coming together in a time of need.”

Needels established a GoFundMe account to raise extra money for his family. He does not have any insurance on his property, and 2 out of his 4 cars were insured, all lost in the storm.