Tornado Leaves Behind Damage and Debris in Waukee

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WAUKEE, Iowa – A tornado damaged different areas in Waukee Tuesday afternoon.

It started off of West Hickman Road behind the Kum & Go gas station and made its way through the Shottenkirk Chevrolet dealership.

Sales General Manager Paul Deyarman said it took only ten seconds for the tornado to cause damage.

“Believe it or not, the force of the storm actually was able to pick up a brand new Chevy Suburban and move it about two or three feet. We had about six vehicles get moved several feet,” Deyarman said.

The tornado broke windows of vehicles, ripped off part of the roof on its car wash and popped off vehicle tanks.

“All of a sudden a white cloud formed. Pretty much then we were watching it. It crossed this lot. I watched a light pole go down and it was about then we realized it was a tornado,” Deyarman said.

Element 119 Homes is under construction and also saw damage from the storm.

Ray McDole said, “I’ve sent most people home because of the dangers of the site now and people who are out here just kind of seeing what’s going on.”

Windows, rooftops, garage doors and more were also damaged.


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